International Workshop on Laboratory Astrophysics with Intense Laser: Particle Generation And Application

Hyderabad, India
07 - 08 Dec 2020

The Workshop

The workshop covers broadly the two topics.

  • Intense Laser Physics - Generation and its Applications.

  • Laboratory astrophysics with Lasers. 

Participants from different parts of the world will present results on laser particle generation, acceleration, detection and secondary emissions and their applications.


In addition, a different aspect of interaction of Lasers, called Laboratory Astrophysics wherein an active synergy between laboratory experiments and theoretical modelling along with astronomical observation will be presented. The workshop will be held virtually for two days and is composed of invited specialized lectures, student talks and poster presentations.


Invited Speakers

Plenary Speaker



Dr. Vandana Sharma
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Prof. Subir Sarkar
Prof. Gianluca Gregori
Prof. G. Ravindra Kumar
Prof. M. Krishnamurthy
Prof. P. P. Rajeev

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